Nothing to share

Posted on domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013 by Ewerton Fintelman | 1 comentários

If I had your attention, it would be something to share. But I cannot believe my eyes. You are not here and will not be. Sometimes I think about what I do want to my life. My brain knows that I am getting crazy when I think about living in you. You got out my ship of plans, my ship of memories. And it is sinking. Alone. Just it.

Nothing to share. Nothing important. Just anger. But I cannot believe my eyes. I am scared because I do not know if I have courage to take off. Badbye.

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Fernanda Lopes disse...

Keep calm, my little bear. Everything is gonna be alright and you know I'll be your strength and I'll give you hope, keeping your faith when it's gone.

"It's got to be slow, taking love, the only way..."

"Imagine the burning embers, they glow below and above. Your sins, you won't remember and all you'll find there is love..."

by: Little cat-little bear. =)

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