"Focus X" - Review

Posted on quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2013 by Ewerton Fintelman | 0 comentários

I started 2013 thinking about music, just as occurred in 2012. A friend called me and caught my attention for some CDs I told him. I promised a review about "Focus X", "O Arquiteto" and "Harakiri".  These three albuns are the best of the year.

I will start talking about Focus X. It was the third best CD of the year in my opinion. 

Focus X is the 10th album of the band called Focus. It's a good collection of 10 simple instrumentals. We cannot remember the 70s listening this album, but we are sure that Focus is a great band. They are different. You can feel listening Jazz Fusion mixed with others rhythms.

One standout, "Le Tango," features surprising sensitive English lyrics sung by Ivan Lins with acoustic guitar work from Gootjes supported by syncopated rhythms. You can really remember Middle Eastern tones.

I do defy anyone to listen to "Victoria". Did you listen it? Are you excited. If you say no, I'm sure that you can't appreciate Focus. I said you could not remember the 70s listening this album, but if you've ever loved Focus in the past you'll really love X.

Just to crown the situation and put hat on everything, it's got a Roger Dean cover as well. Is it possible? Wonderful!

You can buy the album here: www.focus10.net.
You can read more about Focus here: www.focustheband.com

See you.